5 Monsters Out Of 5 Monsters


Yesterday I watched Monsters University and it was fuckin awesome. Okay I ever said I don't really like cartoons but well I do watch what I want to and if it's good I would never lie about it. I compared this with Monsters Inc but sorry I have to say that Monsters University is 3 times better than Monsters Inc. Hey I didn't say Monsters Inc is a bad movie, of course it's pretty good. But it's just I prefer Monsters University a lot. Why? Okay here's my possible reasons.

1. The Story
This actually the prequel of Monsters Inc because it tells how Sulley and Mike met. They were taking same major which is Scare School. Sulley and Mike weren't getting along well or I can say that they were hating each other. I can say the story is very emotional with Mike's selfconfident problem because he isn't scary at all, Sulley cheating on the final round, they both expelled TWICE (well done! but okay the first was expelled from scare school, the second was from the university), how they get motivated by sneaking around in Monsters Inc buliding, Randall's grudge against Sulley, Mike training the adorable Oozma Kappa and GAWD I AM FUCKIN LOVE SQUISHY HEWLPP. And the storyline never bored me I was hardly to guessing what's next move and of course it makes me love this movie so much. 

My best part is when Squishy's mom waiting in her car and listening to some metal songs Mike and Sulley work together to scare the adults in order to get the energy and opened the door and back home safely. Man can you believe that? Scaring adults? I guess Mike and Sulley are meant to be a best team forever.

2. The Characters
It's like Sulley who has natural scare and never intended to study becuse he tought he can do everything and Mike who a smartass and do everything based on theories, theories and theories and well he wasn't scary at all. Yep those characteristic was perfect enough to make conflicts. Always, Pixar came with perfect character design. Squishy are you hear me (wispering). They deserve to be worshiped forever. 

This movie is a heaven of attractive monsters. YES I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU SQUISHY. At the begining I was very satisfied by cuteness of baby Mike, then as the story flow teen Sulley was so handsome (in monsters way) I frickin like him, then I met Roar Omega Roar leader ugh then then BROCK PEARSON OH MY ADORABLE PURPLE HORNED CHICKEN. Squishy (whispering)

See that teen Randall with glasses hihi he's so cute actually. and theres Squishy so cute that I want kill him. (whispering)

3. Others
The trailers and THE WEBSITE. The Monsters University website is ended by .edu which mean.....you have to check it by yourself now.

4. Fuck off. You should fuckin really go watch this fuckin movie now.

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